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Horizon Villages


Remaining in your home is isolating as you become less active and research has shown that staying socially active contributes to longevity.

Why is Horizon Villages “Smart Living” for active adults over 55?
At Horizon Villages you reside in your own home but are surrounded by your peers and an attentive staff in a neighborhood environment.

Assisted Living facilities charge you for services you may not need.

At Horizon Villages you receive the finest amenities but without additional un-needed services like meals and housekeeping.

Owning your home means you must deal with replacement and repairs.
At Horizon Villages all maintenance is taken care of 24 hours a day. Not only do you never need to worry about the cost and inconvenience of replacing items such as appliances, furnace, air conditioner or hot water tank, even the smallest maintenance job is taken care of for you.

When owning a home you continue to incur expenses such as taxes, insurance, sewer, recycling and other municipal fees.
At Horizon Villages these costs are covered for you and you have absolutely no additional costs other than the monthly rent, utilities, garbage tags, phone and cable TV.

Home ownership means maintaining lawns and gardens along with winter snow and ice removal.
At Horizon Villages all lawn care and winter snow and ice removal are taken care of for you daily. Residents who wish to have gardening areas around their residence are welcome to do so. We will assist with getting the area ready for you and allowing residents a care free gardening experience.

When living in your home you may tend to socialize less and find getting together with friends difficult.
At Horizon Villages there are monthly Ladies Coffees, Bridge Clubs, Men’s Cocktail Hours and Holiday Parties. All residents of Horizon Villages have a complementary membership in the Horizons Pool and Tennis Club.

Other communities are managed by management companies or out of town landlords.
At Horizon Village both the owner, Candace Cima and the manager Stanley Biskup live in the neighborhood and know each resident personally. Horizon Villages is a community and all of the staff sincerely care about each and every resident.




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